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2023 – A year rich in expertise, partnership and new solutions

The year ends in a beautiful way; before committing to 2024, we want to share our successes.

1 Our portfolio has been consolidated on the continent and the expertise of our core business has once again been confirmed. Thanks to the flagship project called “TA HUB”, the Firm is slowly but surely entering English-speaking countries. Gabon has opened up to our countries of intervention and we are delighted.

EDE Country Portfolio
Expertises EDE

We note with great satisfaction that the States of the majority of countries are committed to achieving the SDG6 objective by prioritizing both access to a standard installation and the treatment of wastewater and sludge produced. Great progress for urban and rural populations and stakeholders.

2 Cabinet EDE has consolidated and expanded its partnership network with:

  • The main engineering schools in West Africa and France

  • An industry specialized in the development of plastic products

  • The Department of the Environment and Classified Establishments in Senegal

  • The African Water and Sanitation Association – AFWASA

EDE partnership network

3 Three major events welcomed the EDE Cabinet and its flagship project CWIS Technical Assistance Hub in Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • 21ST AFWA INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS & EXHIBITION / 7TH INTERNATIONAL FSM CONFERENCE from February 19 to 23 in Abidjan on the theme "Acting for sustainable management of resources and access to water and sanitation for all". The Firm's flagship project – TA HUB – was presented in different sessions and a lively stand in collaboration with the similar flagship project in Asia
  • The IWA Water and Development Congress and Exhibition 2023 from December 10 –14, 2023 in Kigali – under the theme “Water, Sanitation and Climate Change Resilience keys to a water-wise future.”
  • And participation at the World Toilet Day held in the Thies region on November 19 in the presence of the main authorities in the sector. Cabinet EDE presented two key accessories to improve the toilet.
Congress event EDE

4 During this year, our employees particularly distinguished themselves by proposing new solutions to improve the sanitation market and accelerate the achievement of SDG6:

  • With the introduction of a siphon and a bowl produced by a plastic industry
  • With the organization of a capacity building program in Dakar bringing together representatives in charge of sanitation from UEMOA countries and representatives of the Islamic Development Bank.
Contribution EDE